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~October 27, 2000~
19:24 Local Time

Updated the Lost Universe page with not only Alicia scans but an entire Alicia SHRINE!!! Check it out and lemme know what you t'ink, eh?

~October 19, 2000~
22:34 Local Time

I could've done this earlier but I'm being lazy tonight. I worked hard today around the house.
Actually added some fanart to the YST page and Wisdom's Sacrifice. It's pretty much the same stuff, really, so there's no real need to go to both.

~October 19, 2000~
20:36 Local Time

YAY!!! More Lost Universe manga scans!! I got some of the Kane ones done. Still more to go on Kane (A LOT MORE) and I still have Canal, Milly and Alicia to do yet.
In other news, I think I may create an Alicia shrine. She's not really in the show and she still rocks. How cool is that, hmm??

~October 15, 2000~
22:45 Local Time

Added the Reviews section because Becky and Magma Angel said I should, which is good enough for me. ^_^

~October 15, 2000~
01:22 Local Time

Added five Vorfeed scans I did ages ago to the Lost Universe section. Yes, yes, eventually I WILL DO more manga scans...

~October 11, 2000~
08:09 Local Time

Finally finished the basic look of Anime Perspective!! I've been working on this for two or three days now. >_< Straight. Just kidding.
But I AM tired and I AM going to bed - bug reports: socks_chan@fangirl.org or lina_no_miko@linainverse.net
Thank you, have a nice day, and enjoy!

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